Monday, April 23, 2018

Book Play - The Napping House

The Napping House by Audrey Wood is one of my grand daughter's favourite books at the moment.
I love the sequence of the story and how it adds on as you read.
It inspired me to make these building blocks, each with a character on them.
She was excited to see the blocks all set in a tower.
But her favourite is the 'flea'.
We knocked down the blocks and then started reading the story,
adding the matching block for each page,
till we got to the top.
The back side of the blocks have the reverse picture,
when they are awoken by that 'wakeful flea'.
Down comes the tower again as we finish the book.
Only to be built again, this time without the book.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Watercolour Painting

Here we are painting for the first time using a little water colour palette that you can find at Dollarama, in their birthday loot bag section.
They come with a little brush, the perfect size for little hands 
(I used these often at StrongStart)
All you need to add is water.
Part of the fun is adding the water to the palette to make the paints come to life.
She did this for awhile before putting any marks on the paper.
I think it may have confused her by sitting at the table where, till now, she has only eaten.
She finally got the hang of it.
Dip in water, dip in paint, dab on paper and repeat.
Or try dipping your finger in the paint. 
Instead of wasting it by wiping it off, I showed her how to make
her finger print.
When it was done we gave it to her mom as a birthday card.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Another Cardboard Box

Last month I noticed that my grand daughter was beginning to enjoy pretend play.
When reading a book about food I would pretend to eat it and she thought that was funny.
I thought it would be fun to see what she would do with her own play food so decided to make a kitchen.
I used a diaper box and turned it inside out.
For the sink I found a food container from their kitchen, traced the bottom
and cut out the hole for it to fit in.
Next I added some dishes and she was off,
stirring her imaginary drink.
For the stove top I simply drew circles.
Mom made some tea to share.
The little one is watching and taking it all in.
An oven was made by cutting a door in the front.
One thing her parents commented on was that she was trying to turn the knobs on their gas stove in the kitchen so I found some little knobs and her dad screwed them on to the front.
Now when she touches with the real stove her parents direct her to her own stove.
I brought some little pots and pans, as well as some felt food to add to the play.
And finally I printed a picture of cookies baking and taped it on the inside of the oven door.
Her mom had made a comment that it is often difficult to make dinner because the little one wants to be with her (and usually hangs on to her legs).
So I suggested moving the card board kitchen into their kitchen so she could stay busy.
It worked great.
Especially when mom joined in the fun.
 Happy cooking!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

First Play Dough

My grand daughter is just over a year old and I've been wondering which play dough recipe would be best to offer her to play with,
knowing at this age she will probably attempt to eat it.
 So I had been looking up edible dough recipes when I realized I could just give her some of the sugar cookie dough that I was using to make Easter cookies.
It was perfect and she surprised me by not putting any in her mouth-
- wasn't even interested.
I was using my big rolling pin and she wanted to try it so I dug out a smaller one for her which she loved.
I enjoyed watching her try to use it a variety of ways.
Which led me to pull out a few more tools for her.
I had picked up an inexpensive set of cookie cutters at the dollar store to keep at her house.
We were busy playing for almost a half an hour.

A few days later it was time to decorate the cookies so I thought if the dough worked great for her then maybe the icing would be fun to use as finger paint.
It was a hit.
And again I was surprised she didn't put it in her mouth.
(She doesn't take after her Nana for a sweet tooth)
She wasn't impressed when I dabbed some on her nose.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Easter Fun

Since this is our first grand child it is a year full of firsts, 
especially around the holidays.
It's the time that as a family you introduce your traditions, customs and beliefs to the newest members of the family.
My daughter talked about having an egg hunt and if I thought the little one would be old enough to be interested.
One way to find out was to do a bit of play around eggs before the hunt happens.
We set up a sensory table with shredded blue paper and plastic eggs.
It included eggs that looked like chicks, rubber ducks and a couple of chicks that were dressed as rabbits (but when you held them they made a 'cheep' sound).
Her dad grabbed an egg carton which was great for some incidental one-to-one corresponding.
She liked filling the carton, taking the eggs in and out.
Then she learned that she could crack the eggs open.
Some of them had little fluffy chicks inside.
She opened and closed so many eggs that she perfected her ASL sign for egg.
She loved this book and finding all the eggs hidden under the flaps.
As Easter drew closer we brought out some bunny ears and had fun hopping around.
Easter morning and they hid about a dozen plastic eggs in their backyard.
She loved finding them so much that they kept re-hiding them.
When Opa and I arrived a couple of days after Easter she was excited to have a pretend egg hunt in the house.
Her signing vocabulary is growing really fast.  In this video she amazed us by signing 'where' for the first time.